Changing from accrual to annual leave in the new leave year.

If you are changing from accrual (see here)to annual (see here) leave in your new leave year. This can be easily done by modifying the details in the employment profile**


1. Please select the employment profile you wish to change (Appogee Leave > HR ADMIN > Employment Profiles)

2. On the 'Entitlement Settings' page, change the 'Leave Allowance Type' from accrual to annual.

** Please note that the change from accrual to annual should be made on the new leave year (first day). Also is is important that if the accrual date is set for the date the new year starts, then the accrual is configured to be 0 (days and hours) beforehand or else the system will add the accrued allowance as well as the annual allowance.

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