What are the Appogee Leave user roles?

Appogee Leave supports 4 user roles:

  1. Employee
  2. Team Manager
  3. HR Manager
  4. Administrator (may sometimes be abbreviated to Admin)

All users have the Employee role, and may additionally have one or more of the other roles. The roles determine access to data and access to administration functions within Appogee Leave .


All active users on the Appogee Leave system have the authorization to use the 'MY LEAVE' tab. Under this tab, users have the authorization to request their own absence. The absence the user can request be for annual leave, sickness reports or TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) requests. The absence request type is dependent on the configuration of the system. These are configured by users with the HR role. Please refer to our Employee Profiles status documentation for more information.

Team Manager

Appogee Leave organises employees via Teams. Each Team has 1 Primary Manager, and optionally may have secondary managers. Primary Managers always have edit access to employee data, whereas secondary managers can be configured to have read or edit access to employee data. 

A user becomes a Manager when they are made a manager of at least one team. Managers have access to the “Team Manager” pages of the application. Furthermore, Team Managers can either have Read or Editor rights. These are configured in the Team

HR Manager

Users with the HR role have access to the “HR Manager” pages of the application. HR Managers have access to all data for the AOU's they are configured to manage.

Administrator (Admin)

Admin users have access to the “Configuration” pages of the application. These users do not have any special data access privileges so must also be assigned Manager or HR roles if they also need access to Employee Profiles.

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