Appogee HR : Feature Overview

Integration :

  • What is integration?

     Appogee HR allows integration with Google Apps, Office 365 and Xero.

  • Where is integration done? 

As a system administrator under the CONFIGURATION tab.

  • How is integration done?

For information on how to integrate with Office 365, please see here.

For information on how to integrate with Google Apps, please see here.

For information on how to integrate with Xero Payroll, please see here.

  • Benefits of integration?

Google Apps- single sign on, out of office messages, calendar integration, employee import.

Office 365 - single sign on, iCal sync, 365 app, approve leave from Outlook calendar.

Xero - import accounting and payroll data


Actions and notifications

  • What are actions and notifications?

     Method of distributing tasks and sending reminders

  • Where are actions and notifications made?

On the creation of a document, checklist or record

  • How are actions and notifications made?

For information on how to create an action or alert, please see, here.

  • Benefits of actions and notifications?

Easily distribute tasks electronically

Remind users of tasks, so that no task is forgotten



  • What is a nudge?

     Email reminders to users for overdue tasks

  • Where are nudges made?

On outstanding actions

  • How are nudges done?

For information on how to use the nudge feature, please see, here.

  • Benefits of nudges?

Remind users to complete overdue tasks


Company documents

  • What are company documents?

    Electronic library of company documentation

  • Where are company documents made?

Depending on the security, as any user under the company documents tab.

  • How are company documents made?

For information regarding company documents, please see, here.

  • Benefits of company documents?

 Drag and drop functionality

Uploaded files, internal notes or URL links

Distribute documents electronically

Set acknowledgements on documents so that there is confirmation that have been reviewed.


Org chart (Organizational Chart)

  • What is an org chart?

     Graphical hierarchical  representation of the company teams.

  • Where are org charts made?

Automatically created when you specify parent teams

  • How are org charts made?

For information regarding the Org chart, pleases see, here.

  • Benefits of org charts?

Up to date representation of the hierarchical structure of teams in the organisation


  • What are ADU's?

Appogee Divisional Units

  • Where are ADU's made?

As an administrator under the CONFIGURATION tab

  • How are ADU's done?

For information regarding ADU'S, please see, here.

  • Benefits of ADU's?

This is good for large organizations or for organizations spread globally. This allows different ADU’s to manage their own teams and users.


Data exporting

  • What is data exporting?

     Exporting data from the system on to your computer

  • Where is data exporting done ?


  • How is data exporting done?

For information regarding data exporting, please see. here.

  • Benefits of data exporting?

Saving the data in CSV format on the computer

Audit of all data exports



  • What is reporting?

     Electronic HR reports based on system data

  • Where is reporting done?

Under the REPORTING tab

  • How is reporting done?

For information regarding reporting, please see, here.

  • Benefits of reporting?

Can create a report schedule

Download reports in CSV format

Run reports by clicking on a button

Library of all reports



  • What are checklists?

     A list of sub tasks to complete in order to complete a task

  • Where are checklists made?


  • How do you make a checklist?

For information regrading checklists, please see, here.

  • Benefits of checklists?

Can create checklists for anything

Distribute checklists accordingly

Reassurance that all sub tasks are not forgotten

Confirmation that checklist is complete


For further information, please click on the video link : 

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