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Highlighted weekend work days (in exchange for Public Holidays) on the calendar view

In Hungary we have some workdays moved to Saturdays in exchange to have bank holidays + weekends joined.
For example: In 2019. we have 2 working Sundays (at 7th and 14th of December) in exchange for a longer Christmas holiday (not working on 24th and 27th December).
What would be the best way to change these exceptional weekend days to work days?
Currently if I set up them as Public Holidays (to enable some visual mark for them on the calendar), the weekend grey-out hides the sun icons for Saturdays.
It would be great if there would be a possibility to visualize these working weekend days somehow in the calendar.

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  • I have the same request: be able to make individual weekend days normal workdays in the calendar.

    Automatic calculation of leave days should count those weekend-work days as standard workdays.     

    And yes, a different symbol will help to increase visibility. 

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