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January 2021

Releases in January 

Relevant Support articles are added as links. 

Simply manage time employees work via our easy to use clock-in & clock-out functionality. Submit, track and report on time spent on activities and projects across your business and use the data to create reports. Plan & report on where your employees are working from for easy office capacity management & work from home tracking. 

Time is added to all those on the HR Success package. Please contact the Customer Success team if you're interested in upgrading. 

  • Renamed Leave Profiles to Work Profiles
  • Increased Team Allowance page limit to show up to 500 requests 
  • Updated field security in HR fields so different fields in tables can have more flexible security
  • Fixed an issue with separate TOIL allowance configuration which meant TOIL didn't carry over
  • Added a 'Loading' spinner on Team Allowances view
  • Fixed an issue which meant the Leave Working Rota was not showing for some Work Profiles