Appogee HR is an online HR management system (HRMS) for records and compliance. Appogee HR stores employee data, records and company documents such as policies and procedures and allows you to report on all the information. Access to data is controlled securely through various user roles.

1. Set up Appogee HR

2. Finding your way around Appogee HR

Note that in describing how to find your way around Appogee HR you may sometimes need to check what is meant by selected terms.  You can find a definition of the key concepts in the Appogee HR Glossary.

Navigating around Appogee HR involves using a left hand menu which provides one click access to most things you will need to use.  It is split into different sections which depend on the access role given to you, as well as which options have been selected in the configuration area.   This chart shows have the primary menu will change by role.  

Regardless of their role each user gets a dashboard which provides a summary of everything a user should need, with Managers having easy visibility of information concerning members of their team.

3. Getting organized

The first phase of getting started with Appogee HR is to add some users, set up some Teams, set up leave profiles.  The set up wizard will have set something up to get you started.  

  • You can add more users from the Add Employee menu either by manually adding each one, by importing a csv file or by identifying users from an integrated connection such as G Suite or Office 365.
  • You can set up Teams from the Organization menu where you specify things like what and how absence requests can be created and approved.
  • You can set up Leave Profiles are set up under Leave admin. These represent the time off and working hours for staff.  You will typically have one of these for each country of operation or type of employment contract your staff have.

At this point you will have an online HR system that will cater for most organization's needs and will be able to experience a standard form of Appogee HR.  However, be aware that you can tailor this to any specific needs you have by reviewing the configuration screens which are available to anyone with the Admin role.  

  • The System Config menu is where you can change the leave year start month, set up public holiday profiles or add a logo.  
  • The Process Config menu is where you set up or amend the profile fields and forms used in the system, including their security as well as configure Company Document Types

Finally note that the CSV import process noted above allows data to be added to users as well as creating the users to start with.  Checkbox options for how the import will be processed are available directly on the import page.  So you may want to rerun the import once you have seen the system working to add data for your employees.

4. User Roles 

All users have the Employee role, and may additionally have one or more of the other roles. HR and Admin roles need to be assigned to users explicitly from the Roles and Access menu and the Manager role is assigned by making a user the manager of a team or an absence request approver within the Organization menu.  

The roles determine access to data and access to administration functions within Appogee HR.

Take a look at the Appogee HR Employee Guide here

and the Appogee HR Manager's Guide here.

5. Things to do

Now you're ready to go, you can get a feel for using the system by doing one or more of the following:

  • Book and approve some time off to show how requests and approvals works
    • At a minimum: Leave, New Request followed by Dashboard, My Leave Approvals
  • Assigning a new hire checklist to see how any HR processes can be supported
    • At a minimum you need to : Checklist, Assign Checklist, [Select Sample Induction Checklist], [Next], [Next], Assign to [Select yourself],  [Next], [Assign]
  • setting up some company documents with review dates in one month or one year
    • At a minimum you will need : Company Docs, 
  • set up a report to show all user profiles that were updated in the past month to be emailed to you each week