Please note that only users with the Admin role have access to Category Configuration.

Categories consist of Fields and Records.


  1. Creating Categories
  2. Editing Categories
  3. Deleting Categories
  4. Restoring Categories

A Field is a data item that you want to track, normally related to an employee. For example Work Telephone Number is a Field and it can contain data such as "001 668 549 257".

Fields can be set as mandatory (required) items.  Mandatory fields are not enforced on Category creation but are enforced on Category edit. These fields govern data entry to the system and therefore also determine the content of the CSV upload structure that HR Managers can use to import user data into Appogee HR.

A user with the Admin role can access the Category Configuration by going to Process Config from the main menu.  This will list all existing Categories, which are grouped by the HR Processes supported in Appogee HR.  These Processes (Personal, Employment, Performance, Learning and Assets) are fixed and not configurable.  Apart from that all other content relating to Categories is configurable, including their allocation between processes, the field type, which fields are supported and who can read or update them.

Creating Profile Categories

Profile Categories determine the structure of, and navigation within, all of the Employee Profiles viewed in Appogee HR. Employee Records are Files Links and Notes about a specific Employee which are organised by Employee Profile and to which access is controlled by Access Levels. Any changes you make here will be seen by all (appropriate) users in your organization the next time they load a profile page.

To create a new Profile Category, click on the Create Category button as shown below:

1. In the Main Details tab, add the Name and Description of the new Category.

2. In the RecordSecurity tab, you can configure what the default access is for managers and employees for records that are created under this category and if the default security can be overridden. HR Managers always have the ability to create and edit records for accounts they have access to.

  • Check the boxes for the employee roles that should be allowed to create new records
  • Select the default security level for employees and managers. Please note: that the default security can be overridden when the record is being created

3. In the Fields & Security tab, you can create and configure the Fields that belong to a Category. The Fields also need to belong to a Sub Category which is just a way to group together related Fields, and assist navigation.  In our case we are adding a Field for Club Name to a Sub-Category called Gym Membership, which is also the name of our Category.  We set access security for each user role for each Field we define.  

Supported access levels for each user role are:

  • Hidden : User is not able to Read of Edit the field
  • Masked : Field is masked with asterisks
  • Masked Read : Field is masked with asterisks but can be Read by the user when clicked on
  • Read : The user has Read only access and they cannot edit
  • Masked Edit : Field is masked with asterisks but can be Read and Edited by the user when clicked on
  • Edit : User Role is able to Read and Edit the field

4.  You can toggle between showing the Security for your Field(s) or Edit the field information, including Field Type and whether it is Mandatory.  The Options drop down provides a simple way to Add, Move or Delete Fields.  

5. You can define your profile field type, there are 4 field types:

  • Text 
  • Paragraph
  • Date
  • Dropdown 

You will not be able to change the Date or Dropdown type after creation, however, you can change a Text to a Paragraph and vice versa

You are given access to set a field as Mandatory and you are able to insert, move and delete the fields, as shown below:

    6. Once you are happy with the new profile category and fields, you can then click 'Save Changes' at the top right corner. 

Editing Categories

You can make edits to any existing profile categories, to do this you will need to go to Process Config from the drop down menu, Click on Select the Category you wish to make an edit to.

As an Admin you are able to make the following changes

  • Edit/Add/Remove Profile Categories
  • Change the Security access role for Profile Fields and Records
  • Edit/Add/Remove Sub - Categories

Deleting and Restoring Profile Categories

From the Categories and Fields page, click on the delete for the Profile Category you wish to delete and accept the confirmation message:  Deleted Fields can be restored by selecting the Show Deleted Categories checkbox which will expose Deleted Categories with a Restore icon next to them.