This is only available to Administrators. 


Appogee Leave's Public Holiday Profiles are a collection of Public Holidays. Public Holidays are treated as non-working days in the system and are not deducted from the allowance if a request is made on that day. 

There are 3 types of public holiday:

  1. Full Day - occupy the full working day
  2. Morning - occupy only the morning session
  3. Afternoon - occupy only the afternoon session

Administrators can apply a Public Holiday Profile to a Leave Profile.

Administrators can create individual public holidays on the default Public Holiday Profile, or set up multiple Public Holiday profiles where this is needed for multiple work locations.  A collection of public holidays can be imported from a set of defaults supplied by Appogee HR to get you started or from an iCal file of holidays which may be found on the internet. Appogee HR updates Public Holiday defaults for the current and following calendar years as they become available.

Please note that not all Public Holidays are available via the import feature. Those that are provided are only provided as an aid. We highly recommend that you modify and update as needed to suit your organization. It is the Administrator's responsibility to ensure that they are correct before users create requests spanning public holidays. 

When public holidays have been added, they will only apply to future requests. Requests made prior to the addition of public holidays will not be amended to include the public holiday. We recommend cancelling these old requests and re-entering them should you wish for the new changes to be applied to the requests. 

If you require a blank Public Holiday Profile, use the Default Public Holiday Profile to create a Public Holiday Profile without any public holidays. 

The public holiday icon will only appear on Team Calendars where they apply to the user viewing the calendar or when viewing a request has been made spanning that public holiday. 

Importing A Public Holiday

Under Process Config > Public Holidays'

Click the 'Create' button and then give the new Public Holiday a name.

Click on the name of the created Public Holiday profile.

The new Public Profile will then open and a calendar of the year will be shown without any Public Holidays. Click on the 'Import' button.

Select to import from either from the Appogee Defaults or from iCal file.

There is an extensive list of popular defaults listed.

Once a country has been selected to import, you can then check and confirm the dates to import. Once all has been confirmed, click the 'Import Selected' or 'Import All' button.

The imported Public Holidays will then be displayed on the calendar.

When importing Public Holidays from iCal, this can be done by uploading an iCal file or entering an iCal URL.

Please note that the default public holidays are only full days, not half days.

 Please note that ONLY the public holidays that are currently present in the iCal link will be added. Any updates to the calendar must be made by re-importing, uploading or manual entry into Appogee Leave. For example if you import an iCal containing public holidays from 2014, then in 2015 you must re-import the calendar when you want to add public holidays from 2015.


Manually Adding A Public Holiday

To manually add a Public Holiday click on the name of the Public holiday you want to edit.

The calendar of the selected Public Holiday profile will be displayed. Click on the applicable date on the calendar to configure it as a Public Holiday. Please this Public Holiday a name and specify if it is a half-day holiday or full day.

Deleting A Public Holiday

Click on the Public Holiday name you wish to delete.

This will open up the Public Holiday, where you can delete one, or multiple dates in the Public Holiday. This is done by selecting the checkbox associated with t

To delete a public holiday profile, select the profile and click the delete button.