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G Suite Integration

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success Goals

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Appogee HR is designed to integrate with your G Suite domain to provide the following features:

  • Access Appogee HR from the Apps menu in GMail and other Google applications
  • Log in to Appogee HR with your G Suite account -no password required
  • Sync leave requests with your G Suite calendar
  • Create G Suite calendars for specific teams defined in Appogee HR, and share the calendar with your colleagues
  • Appogee HR can be configured to automatically set your GMail Out of Office notifications when you're on leave
  • In order for this functionality to work, Appogee HR must be fully installed to your G Suite domain, with the correct access granted. Only a G Suite administrator with the permissions to authorise 3rd party applications can grant access, so they will need to be involved in this process. To install Appogee HR into your G Suite domain, follow these steps:

    From the System Config primary menu choose G Suite from the secondary menu under Integrations.

    You will now see information on why integrating Appogee HR with G Suite can be of benefit.  Click on 'Enable G Suite Integration'

    If you are the G Suite Administrator, you will need to follow the on screen instructions

    Selecting the highlighted option as a G Suite administrator, will take you to the G Suite Marketplace listing for Appogee HR which will ensure Appogee HR appears on the G Suite Launcher (9 dot / waffle) menu in G Suite, as well as install it correctly to your G Suite domain.

    You will then need to grant data access for the integration to be successful. Take a look at the following article for more details: G Suite Data Access

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