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Google Workspace Integration

Applicable p Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

You can log into Appogee HR using a Google Workspace account through our Single Sign On (SSO) option. You do not need the integration to be enabled for this to work. 

The integration with your Google Workspace domain will give you the following additional features:

  • Access Appogee HR from the Apps menu in GMail and other Google applications
  • Sync leave requests with your Google calendar
  • Create Google Team calendars for specific teams defined in Appogee HR, and share the calendar with your colleagues
  • Appogee HR can be configured to automatically set your GMail Out of Office notifications when you're on leave
  • In order for this functionality to work, Appogee HR must be fully installed to your Google Workspace domain, with the correct access granted. Only a Google Workspace administrator with the permissions to authorise 3rd party applications can grant access, so they will need to be involved in this process. To install Appogee HR into your Google Workspace domain, follow these steps:

    From the System Config primary menu choose G Suite from the secondary menu under Integrations.

    You will now see information on why integrating Appogee HR with Google Workspace can be of benefit.  Click on 'Enable G Suite Integration'

    If you are the Google Workspace Administrator, you will need to follow the on screen instructions

    Selecting the highlighted option as a Google Workspace administrator, will take you to the Google Workspace Marketplace listing for Appogee HR which will ensure Appogee HR appears on the Google Launcher (9 dot / waffle) menu in Google Workspace, as well as install it correctly to your domain.

    You will then need to grant data access for the integration to be successful. Take a look at the following article for more details: Google Workspace Data Access

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