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Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

HR Managers and Team Managers have the ability to record Leave for others while overruling the approval process. Records entered this way are stored without following the workflow approval process.  Such records can relate to past absences (which can be helpful when onboarding new users) but it can also be used to populate future events on behalf of others.

Backfill causes the request to be automatically approved and therefore the request does not go through the approval process and no notifications will be sent. This also means the process cannot be undone, although the record can be edited and set to cancelled should it have been created in error.

To access the backfill feature within Appogee HR, select Leave from the main menu then choose Request History.   Users with the HR role can also access Backfill from the Leave Admin menu.

To access the backfill feature within Appogee Leave, select Request History from the main menu, and you will see a button for Backfill Requests in the top right of the screen.    Users with the HR role can also access Backfill from the Leave Admin menu.

Once you press the Backfill button, you can select the employee you wish to add backfill requests for (as long as you have permission to administer leave for that user). If you start typing here the system will find the user you are looking for.

The request needs the same information as you would enter if you were performing a usual leave request. You get options to select the type of absence, the date range and other standard request content.  You have a checkbox to say if this entry should decrement the user's absence entitlement.  You can quickly refer back to see other requests by that user if you lose track of which ones you've already entered.

Once created this will appear on the individuals calendar and filter through to team calendars that the user in question is part of.

Remember this will go through as an approved request straight away as it has been entered by you as a Manager. You will be recorded as creating the record in the request audit log

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