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Allowance Calculator Tool

This feature can only be accessed by HR Managers and Administrators

The allowance calculator tool allows you to re-calculate allocated allowances for a specific Team and Leave Profile. This may be useful after changing the entitlement values on a Leave Profile, moving a user to another Leave Profile, or changing users start date.

The pro rata formula can be found on the leave profile, as shown here.

Once the pro-rate formula has been configured on the Leave Profile, please follow the steps below to use the allowance calculator.

This tool can be found under Leave Admin > Allowance Calculator

To use this tool, select a Team from the drop down. The page will update with the current, and re-calculated allowances for the employees in the selected team. The page will show the current allowances and the re-calculated allowances. If an employee has a Start Date, the allowance can be pro-rated for the starting allowance year. You can see the changes marked in red. 

The pro-rated formula is defined within the Leave Profile under the main details tab. 

Please use the checkboxes shown to select annual or accrual allowance.

Please note when using the allowance calculator on accrual allowance it will update the employee allowance to the new amount for the entire leave year.

For each employee in the Leave Profile, you will see all their allowances for each active leave year. Review the Current and New (ie recalculated) values for each Allowance. The current column shows the current allowances, and the new column shows the proposed new values based on the Leave profile. When you are happy with the calculations in red, you can click on Save or Save All button to approve all the changes

When pro-rating an employee allowance, please remember this is based upon start date and you will need to make sure the start date or continuous start is configured and the "Leave start date" field is pointing to the correct user profile field. For further information, please see here.

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