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Allowance Calculator - What is it and how does it work?

This feature can only be accessed by HR Managers and Administrators

The Allowance Calculator is a tool used to update employees' allowances in line with any changes you make to the  Leave Profile. 

If you make any changes to do with allowance in the Leave Profile, you will need to visit the Allowance Calculator to ensure the changes are reflected. The system will not change any users' allowances unless the allowance calculator has been run, or when it is the start of a new leave year. 

The Allowance Calculator is easy to access from the Leave Profile menu, or go to Leave Admin > Allowance Calculator.

This tool can be found under Leave Admin > Allowance Calculator.

Select a Team and a Leave Profile from the drop down menus. The page will update with the current and new allowances for the employees, the new amounts will show in red. NOTE: the new allowances will need to be saved in order for the change to take effect. You can either save per Leave Year, or click the Save All button at the top. 

The Allowance Calculator will show allowances in hours by default, there's a toggle in the top right corner to change this into days. It will also show Annual Entitlement by default, if you are dealing with Accrued Entitlement in any of your Leave Profiles, you will need to switch to this view too. 

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