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Adding New Employees

These features are only available to users with the HR Manager and Administrator role.

In this article: 

Manually add a single employee

Import users using the CSV import

Import users via G Suite/O365/Xero Integration

Employees can be added to the system in three ways - manually or import via a CSV upload or your integration with G Suite, Office 365 or Xero. 

NOTE: You will need to create your Teams and Leave Profiles before you add any employees. Please see the following articles on Setting Up and Editing Teams and Leave Profiles.

Manually add a single employee

Go to Add Employee or Organization > Employees > Add Employee. The wizard will take you through the key steps of adding an employee. 

On Work Profile you will need to provide an Employee Name, Team and Leave Profile, and optionally a Work Email Address and Job Title. 

NOTE: If you are adding a current employee to the system, make sure you provide a Work Email Address..

Click Next and fill out the information on the Employee Status page. If you set the status to Joining, you'll need to set a start date in the future. If you set the status to active, select a start date as today or in the past. 

On the Appogee HR Access tab, select which access you would like this employee to have. If you have a joiner with a start date in the future, you'll also be able to setup access to the Onboarding Portal from here. For more information on how to set up the Onboarding Portal, see the following articles: Configuring the Onboarding Portal for a new Joiner & Configuring the Onboarding Portal for your Company.

When you're happy with the configuration, click Add Employee. 

Import using the CSV import

 NOTE: The version of the CSV which is described below will soon be replaced with the new version. The tools will both still be available until we have completed the updates. We will update the 

You will need to download and prepare your CSV file for upload. 

Go to Add Employee > Import from CSV.

Download the template CSV file, by clicking the link. Ensure you download a new CSV with each upload to ensure you have the latest CSV template. 

Add the information to the CSV template ensuring that this has been filled in correctly to avoid upload errors. Click on the Browse button to upload the file and select the CSV file from your machine. Click on Upload & Import to begin the CSV upload.

If you encounter any issues, please check our our CSV troubleshooting guide:

When uploading a CSV you have the following options:

  • Allow Login to Appogee HR/Leave - tick this box if you would like to allow the employee to log into Appogee HR. Disabling this will remove the Send Welcome Email option
  • Send Welcome Email - this cannot be selected or deselected unless the above option has been enabled. If enabled, Appogee HR will send out an email introducing the employee to the system
  • Overwrite with blanks - if selected, data will be overwritten with blank values from the CSV file
  • Automatically create keywords - if selected new keywords will automatically created to form list items
  • Overwrite List Values - if selected, list values will be overwritten, leave deselected to keep existing values

Import users via G Suite/O365/Xero integration

If you have integrated with G Suite, O365 or Xero you will be given the option to import users from the specific third party app.

For the following example, we will be using Appogee HR integrated with G Suite

Go to Add Employees > G Suite. 

The wizard will go through the key steps with you to import any users in your domain who do not have an Appogee HR account. 

Select the users you wish to import, click Next. Then you will need to assign them a Leave Profile and a Team. 

Then, configure their profiles by giving them a Job Title and a Start Date. Finally, configure their login and the employees will be added to the system. 

To prorate an employee's leave entitlement, please configure the pro-rata formula on their leave profile. Further information can be found here.

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