This feature can only be accessed by HR Managers & Administrators


  1. Manage employee roles
  2. Manage employees access to Appogee HR/Leave

Manage Employee Roles

To grant/assign a role, you will need to go to the users login and security. You can find this section by going to Roles & Access.

The Organization section, can only be accessed by employees who have the Admin or HR Manager role assigned to them. 

Within ‘User Roles & Access’, you can manage which roles you wish to grant to an employee.

When making changes to the employee roles, you will see that the colours will represent the following:

  • Red: Revoking the employees access to the roles
  • Green: New access to being granted to the employee

These changes are not committed until you click the ‘Save Changes’ button at the top right corner.

Manage Employees access to Appogee HR/Leave

Please note: only active employees are able to login

In the User Login & Security section, you are also able to determine whether you wish to enable self service for an employee. This feature allows you to determine which employees are able to log in to Appogee HR, also access to Leave and HR can be managed separately if preferred.