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Adjusting Employee's Allowance

This feature can only be accessed by HR Managers and Administrators. 

Please note, if you have made any changes to the employee's leave profile make sure you visit the Allowance Calculator Tool. More information about this tool can be found here

You can manually adjust an employee's allowance by clicking on Leave in the higher level menu (Appogee HR customers) to open the Leave Overview page. For Appogee Leave customers, click Year At A Glance in the higher level menu.

Select the employee you wish to edit using the employee switcher.

Select the Allowances tab, then click the Edit button.

There are 2 main sections within the Leave > Allowances tab:

  1. The Allowance Table - shows all allowance values
  2. The Allowance Audit Log - shows all changes to the allowances

You may now edit the employee's allowance and save all changes.

Editable fields:

Carried Over This field represents the amount of allowance carried over from the previous allowance year that was unused. The system will automatically set this field, but only if its value is 0 (i.e. has not been manually set by an administrator). Carry over is automatically added to the employee's allowance on the last day of the leave year (if the leave year starts in January, carry over will be updated on 31st December).
Manual Adjust This field is never changed by the system. It is designed to allow administrators to adjust the allowance without skewing the computed values as set for the other fields. 
  • To increase the total amount, enter a positive value to increase it by. In short, this is an addition (+).
  • To decrease the total amount, enter a negative value to decrease it by. In short, this is a subtraction (-).

Non - editable fields:

Annual Allowance This is the value as defined on the users Leave Profile. It is set when the allowance record is created or the Allowance Calculator is applied. If the Allowance Type on the Leave Profile is set to Accrual, then this field will be set to 0. This field is not editable. You should use the Manual Adjust value instead to increase or decrease the annual allowance.
Accrued Allowance This field is set automatically by the system if the users Leave Profile has an allowance Type of Accrued or Both. It is updated according to the accrual schedule and is not editable. You should use the Manual Adjust value instead to increase or decrease the Accrued value. If the Allowance Type on the Leave Profile is set to Annual, then this field will be set to 0.
TOIL This field represents Time off in Lieu, it is automatically updated when TOIL requests are approved

Once you have made the appropriate changes, please ensure you click on save changes button as shown below:

Use the Employee switcher for one-click access to change the Allowance table of another employee

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