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Setting Up Virtual Teams

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Please note that additional steps are required if you want users to have virtual team approvers. 

Please refer to the Team Profile article for more information.  Virtual Team approvals can only be used in addition to the Team Profile approval workflow.

A virtual team can be created to group users from different teams, such as a cross-departmental project, or a team that is spread out geographically. They can also help with more complex approval flows.

If you are an HR Admin or an Administrator, you can select the Virtual Team tab under Organization > Virtual Teams as below:


Creating a new Virtual Team


To create a new Virtual Team Profile, click on the Create Virtual Team button.

 A dialog will appear where you will need to add the Virtual Team name and optionally assign a primary manager. 

Click Create Virtual Team.

The Virtual Team will now appear in the Virtual Teams list. You can open it to add approvers, managers and adjust calendar settings. You don't need to have an approval flow within a Virtual Team. 

Work your way through the tabs to change the configuration. Add employees to the Virtual Team from the Members tab. You can only be a member of one Virtual Team, so if the employee is already in a different Virtual Team they will be moved. 

Click Save Changes to ensure your settings are saved. 

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