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Appogee HR: Preferences and Daily Digest Emails

Please note that all employees have access to configure their personal Preference settings.



To configure personal preferences on your Appogee Leave or Appogee HR account, please click on Account > Preferences.

On the Preferences tab, configure the settings to suit your needs.

Daily Digest

To configure preferences on default pages on your Appogee Leave or;AppogeeHR account, please click on Account; Preferences; Notifications. Daily digest email will send the configured leave information regarding the team the employee is placed in. In this section the employee can opt in or opt out of the Appogee HR Newsletter. This newsletter consists of system announcements and updates.

Please note that non-working days such as weekends and public holidays are not shown in the daily digest emails.

Note that users with the HR role can also set up weekly or monthly notification messages for each team to go out to team managers.  See this article for more information

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