Employees can be archived so that they do not use up a license, yet their data will be stored so they can be restored as an active employee at any point.  

Please note that you will not be able to report on data about an archived employee unless you restore that user first.

If you believe you will need to report on their data you should set the user status to Former.  Use of the Former state will continue to consume a license.


1. How To Archive An Employee

2. How To View Archived Employees

3. How To Restore an Archived Employee

1. How To Archive An Employee

From the main menu, click on the Organization button.  Under Employees identify the employee you wish to Archive then from the Options menu at the top right, choose Archive Employee.

A dialog box will appear on which you can confirm the employee state at the point of archive which can be used for later reference.

The employee will now be archived and you will be redirected to the Archived Employees page.

2. How To View Archived Employees

On the Employees page, click on the Archived Employees button.

The Archived Employees page will be displayed.  Clicking the Restore link will restore the employee.

3. How To Restore An Archived Employee

On the Archived Employees page, click the Restore link.

Fill in the applicable information to restore the employee to a specific Team and with a specific Leave profile, then click in Restore Employee button.