When approaching the end of a Leave Year, HR Managers may consider reviewing the following to ensure a smooth transition into the new Leave Year.

Active Leave Years

Allow staff to submit requests in the new year by ensuring the correct Leave Years are activated on Team Profiles: Activating Leave Years.


Ensure allowances are configured correctly on Leave Profiles.

Carry Over

Carry Over occurs automatically at the start of a new Leave Year. Please ensure Carry Over and Carry Over Debt settings are configured correctly on the Leave Profiles.

Public Holidays

Ensure Public Holidays for the new Leave Year have been configured - Public Holidays.

Approve any pending requests

Remind managers to approve requests for the current year before Carry Over is automatically triggered. If requests are approved after Carry Over, the Carry Over amount may be invalid. You can check which requests are in pending state via the Request History page.

In the new Leave Year

Once the new leave year has started, you will want to review the allowances for your staff after the automated Carry Over process has completed. If you need to make a small number of adjustments you can do so by editing an allowance record and making a manual adjustment. Alternatively, adjustments to allowances can be made in bulk via the Bulk Adjust Allowance Tool.