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How to prepare for a new Leave Year

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Managing Active Leave Years

Preparing for the new Leave Year

In the new Leave Year

When approaching the end of a Leave Year, HR Managers may consider reviewing the following to ensure a smooth transition into the new Leave Year. Follow the steps below to ensure your employees have the correct Leave Allowance going into the New Year.

Managing Active Leave Years

You can enable or disable staff to submit requests in any year by managing the Active Leave Years.  It is important to ensure your have the correct Leave Years activated, and this can be done either for the whole organization, or on individual Team Profiles. 

NOTE: Only users with the Admin role can access the System Config menu to control Active Leave years for the whole organization.

To enable a Leave Year for all users, head to System Config then General Settings. Under the Leave Tab go to Active Leave Years. 

Tick the box for next year and then Save Changes, this will enable next year for all active users. Changing these settings will only affect employees in teams where this setting has not been overridden.  

To override the Active Leave Years on a Team basis go to Organization > Teams. 

Click on the team you wish to edit and in the Leave Options & Approvals tab, click Override System Defaults then select the year you'd like to switch on. 

To see what Active Leave Years exist in your organization you can go to the Organization  menu, click on Teams, and click the Columns drop down and tick Active Leave Years.  You will then see a new column appear on that page and it will help you see if you have inconsistent settings across you teams.  If you want to manage Active Leave Years consistently across the organization, go into each team and adjust the team settings so they are consistent.  You can then manage all Active Leave Years on the System Config setting as shown above.

Preparing for the new Leave Year


Ensure allowances are configured correctly on your Work Profiles. 

Go to Leave Admin > Work Profiles and select your Work Profile, then go to the Default Entitlement section of the Leave Settings tab. Check all allowances on this page are correct.

Take a look at the Allowances section of our Work Profiles guide here

 NOTE: Allowances are allocated within each Leave Year and carry over will only happen on the first day of the new leave year. Requests submitted for the following year will not use the current year's allowance and vice versa. This is the same for accruals - if you have 20 days for this year, but have not accrued any days next year, you will not have enough allowance until carry over has run. 

Carry Over

Carry Over occurs automatically at the start of a new Leave Year. Please ensure Carry Over and Carry Over Debt settings are configured correctly as per the above screenshot. 

NOTE: If your carry over is not configured at the turn of the Leave Year, you will have to adjust employees' allowance manually.

Public Holidays

Ensure Public Holidays for the new Leave Year have been configured, this is done on the Main Details section of your Work Profiles. Go to Leave Profiles > Main Details > Configure Public Holidays. 

For more information, please see our support article here

Approve any pending requests

Remind managers to approve requests for the current year before Carry Over is automatically triggered. If requests are approved after Carry Over, the Carry Over amount may be invalid. You can check which requests are in pending state via the Request History page.

In the new Leave Year

Once the new leave year has started, you will want to review the allowances for your staff after the automated Carry Over process has completed. If you need to make a small number of adjustments you can do so by editing an allowance record and making a manual adjustment. Alternatively, adjustments to allowances can be made in bulk via the Bulk Adjust Allowance Tool.

Go to Leave Admin > Bulk Adjust Allowances. 

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