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What is Carry Over?

Carry over is defined on the leave profile(s) by HR Managers.

It relates to the transition of an allowance between one leave year and the next.  Carry over works on leave, sickness, custom 1 and custom 2 allowances.

There are various components to configuring carried over allowance.

Max Carry over- If an employee has unused allowance at the end of a leave year, you can define the maximum allowance they can carry over into their new leave year.

For example, if by default employee's have 20 days allowance and maximum exceed is 4 days. If the employee has max 6 days unused allowance, they will carry over 4 days into the new leave year, making their new year entitlement to be 24 days.

Carry Over Debt- If an employee exceeds their allowance to make their allowance a negative number, it can be configured where the debt will be deducted from their new year allowance.

For example, if by default employee's have 20 days allowance, but an employee uses 24 days in a leave year, they will have a debt of -4 days. Therefore in the new leave year, if this component is enabled,  they will have 16 days allowance.

Carry Over Expiry- If an employee carries over unused leave into the new leave year, an expiration date can be defined on the leave carried over.

For example, if an employee has a default allowance of 20 days, but they carry over 4 days, their new allowance will be 24 days. It can be defined that the employee has to use the 4 days carried over within 2 months of the new leave year, therefore if the employee uses just 3 days within the first 2 months, the 1 day unused carried over will expiry. Meaning they will have 20 days allowance remaining for the rest of the year, instead of 21 days.

Include TOIL in annual carry over - TOIL can be included in the carried over leave.

For example, if an employee has 4 days of unused allowance and 4 days of TOIL remaining in a leave year. If max carry over is 6 days and this check box is selected, the employee will carry over 6 days. If unchecked the employee will carry over 4 days of unused leave in the new leave year

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