Under the HR menu, select one of the lower level menu choices. Please see hereĀ to navigate to the menu.

My HR menu option (has 2 sections)

  • Click on the quick links such as My HR Profile, My HR Record etc to view the selected section

  • Click on 'Actions' to open relevant documents that need completing
  • Click on Notifications to see assigned notifications
  • View listed team members in your team

My Profile menu option

  • Click on Employment, Contacts Performance etc to open information relevant to that section

Employee Directory menu option

  • Use the drop-down menu to view contact information of the selected team

Company Documents menu option

  • Click on the eye icon to preview the selected document
  • Managers can click on the pencil icon to edit the selected company document, including setting up acknowledgment monitors, notifications etc

Checklists menu option

  • Click on an assigned checklist to complete each checklist item

Alerts menu option

  • Use drop-down menu to view actions or notifications based on status