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Appogee Leave: Bulk Adjust Allowances

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success Goals

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

What is this tool?

This tool is used to undertake a mass update of employee allowances using a CSV import. The tool will produce a CSV export of employees current allowance so that the HR manager can input the updated values into the CSV for import.  

This tool gives HR Managers the ability to update the total allowance for employees, whether updating the Leave, Sickness, Custom 1 and Custom 2 allowances.

The CSV can consist of all employees on the system, all employees in a specified division (if applicable), or all employees in a specified team in order to bulk adjust their allowances.

When should this tool be used?

This tool should be used when updating multiple employee allowances.   This is usually done before a new leave year or before rolling out a newly configured system to employees so that their starting balance is accurate. These are but two of many use cases where this tool will be best used.

How to use this tool?

Go to Leave Admin > Bulk Adjust Allowances to access the tool.

Click on the About button for information regarding this tool

Select the Division and Team from the drop-down boxes. To update all employees, please select the 'All Teams' option. To update all employees in the system when Divisions are configured, please select the root divisions and select the check to include lower divisions.

Once the Teams have been selected, click on the 'Export' button to generate the CSV template.

Click on the 'Download Allowances' button to download the generate CSV template. 

Please note this CSV will expire in 7 days and will expire if there is an allowance change after being downloaded.

The CSV consists of the employee name, employee email address, the employees' current allowances and empty fields for updated allowances to be input.

Open up the downloaded CSV and edit the 'New Allowance' fields to your chosen updated allowance (in hours). 

Please note that negative numbers cannot be added to the CSV and all blanked columns will be skipped.

For this example, we will update the allowance of the selected employee to change from 100 hours to 50 hours.

Click on the 'Browse' button to select the updated CSV for import, input an audit comment and then click on the 'Import' button.

A confirmation message will be displayed when the adjustment is successful.

The employee allowance will now be updated and the audit will be shown in the user profile.

Further information about this tool

This tool has been designed to avoid problems with updating values which may have already been updated, perhaps by another user in the system. To do this when a new spreadsheet of values is uploaded the system first checks to see the original values in the spreadsheet are still active. If they are not, the import will be rejected and you will get a fail message as shown in this screenshot.

You will need to export a new template to prepare your updates which can then be imported into the Bulk Adjust Tool.

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