This video gives you a quick overview of what's new in Appogee Leave version 11.

More details are provided in the article below:

You are using our Version 11 update for Appogee Leave and you will notice that things have changed around a bit.  To help with your transition to this new menu, we have prepared this transitional guide on finding selected features and functions in Version 11.   

1) The main menu is now vertical menu in Version 11, to provide one-click access to key processes.  

2. There is a new Dashboard to provide your important information on a single click.  This includes information about who in your team is away this week/month and where any assigned actions and notifications will show.

3. Where organizations enable it you will have access to an Employee Directory and Org Chart for easy reference. (This is set-up as enabled for HR and Admins only by default but Administrators can enable for all employees)

.5.  In Version 11, 'My Request' section can be accessed by undertaking the following steps:

6. In Version 11, we have made the Team Calendar available from the top level menu.  We have also made the list view the default view, and added the day number to each row to make it clearer to read.

We believe these enhancements will make it possible for you to get to everything you need within one click.  If you have feedback on these changes please let us know by contacting