This video gives you a quick overview of what's new in Appogee HR version 11.

More details are provided in the article below:

You are using our Version 11 update for Appogee HR and you will notice that things have changed around a bit.  To help with your transition to this new menu, we have prepared this transitional guide on finding selected features and functions in Version 11.   

1 The main menu is now vertical menu in Version 11, to provide one-click access to key processes: 

2. Your dashboard acts as a home screen summary for everything you need easy access to.  It is split into 3 sections: 

- My Actions shows things you need to attend to, 

- My Team shows information about staff in your Team(s) and finally, 

- My Summary shows information directly related to you.   

At the top of the Dashboard, you will see an Employee Ribbon to highlight whose data you are currently looking at.  This defaults to you.  You can change the focussed employee from among those you manage, by using the Employee Switcher in the top right corner.  

3. Company documents are now available from the primary menu, and anchored near the top.

4. Checklists are also shown on the top level menu, and you can review 'My Teams' checklist information via the secondary menu:

You can view our Update guide for your use of the system as an Employee to see what the changes your colleagues will experience.

We believe these enhancements will make it possible for you to get to everything you need within one click.  If you have feedback on these changes please let us know by contacting