This video gives you a quick overview of what's new in Appogee Leave version 11.

More details are provided in the article below:

You are using our Version 11 update for Appogee HR and you will notice that things have changed around a bit.  To help with your transition to this new menu, we have prepared this transitional guide on finding selected features and functions in Version 11.  

1 The main menu is now vertical menu in Version 11, to provide one-click access to key processes - in the example below hovering over the Process Config primary menu reveals additional secondary options which can be selected with one click..  

2. Also on Version 11, to access the third party integration and general system sections click on 'System Configuration' on the Higher level menu and select the relevant secondary level menu options.  [The Licensing page can now be accessed directly from the High-level menu on Version 11 as shown in the screen below]

3. There are some key changes to the handling of Categories, in Version 11, so you should review their impact on your configuration

We have clarified our use of terminology in the system and now refer to Fields belonging to Sub-Categories which belong to Categories which now belong to a Fixed Set of HR Processes.  

The Categories and Fields overview page shows how your system is configured,  The fixed HR Processes (Personal, Employment, Performance, Learning and Assets) are not configurable.  Apart from that all other content relating to Categories is configurable, including their allocation between processes, the field type, which fields are supported and who can read or update them.  In the screen above we have highlighted the Personal HR Process and the Sub-Category called Contacts, which contains 3 fields (Dependents, Next of Kin and Emergency Contact).  

You can re-order these by using the "Grab Handles", one of which (next to Bank Details) is highlighted here.  Once you have moved it to where you want it to go you will get a confirmation dialog that must be acknowledged before any change will be made - as in the screen below:

Note that all users will see any such change you  make when they next refresh the relevant page.  All data associated with a Field or Category move will be retained - just shown in a different place.

Just as before, you can continue to add additional Categories by using the Create Category button.  Any added fields will become available on an updated CSV upload template should you wish to bulk add information to your new field.

Remember to view our Update guides for your use of the system as an Employee, Manager or HR Manager as appropriate.