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Organizing and re-organizing your profile structure

Information in this article relates to what can be achieved with the Admin role in Appogee HR

Appogee HR is a very flexible environment in which to organize your HR information.  It is easy to add information, and it is easy to re-order information.  The core to Appogee HR is a small set of fixed HR Processes, and a small set of fixed menu content.  Beyond these you can move information around as you wish.  Lets review with the help of a couple of examples.

Challenge 1 - moving a sub-category to a different process

For our example, for our organization, we've determined that Bank information isn't going to be maintained by users, so its more appropriate for information on that tab to belong to the Employment process and we need to remove it from its current home which, as we can see below, is Personal.

So from the Process Config menu the Categories and Fields overview page shows us that Bank Details is a Category belonging to the HR Process called Personal.  If you click the + sign to the left of the Bank Details Category label you can see that Bank Details also the only named Sub-Category under Bank Details.  

We can simply use the "Grab Handle" to the left of the Category and drag it to its desired home.  We get a confirmation screen summarizing the change we are about to make

and we can then drag it within its new home HR Process, Employment, to its new placement within that HR Process, which in our case is after Salary.  Note there is no confirmation dialog for moving Sub-Categories around within an HR Process.

If you want to adjust any additional properties of this Category you can click on the label name, Bank Details, to open a tabbed interfact of properties for it.  This is the Category Details tab

Other tabs let you review or alter the Fields belonging to this Category, their security permissions etc.  All changes are logged on the Audit tab for traceability.

Challenge 2 - collecting some new information which hasn't been collected before

For our example we'll imagine our organization has a benefits incentive which allows employees to claim the cost of their Gym membership, but to do so they need to declare some information about that membership in their employee records.  As this is information relating to the Person not their job, we want to add an area to capture this to the Personal Profile area.  We will create a new Sub-Category from the Process Config menu belonging to the Personal process

We'll call it Gym Membership

Then we'll add our first field to be completed, which we've called Club Name.  We assign access rights which as its personal information we've said should be editable by the employee and HR but only readable by the Manager. 

Switching to the Edit Mode allows us to define a field type (it defaults to Text) and we add another field for Membership number whereby the system reminds us we need to configure security for this new field as before.  If we want to we can can switch the order of these fields by using the "grab handles" to the left of the field label and simply drag the field up or down.  Don't forget to SAVE your changes!

Our new sub-category now appears on our menu under Personal,  and our staff can start updating their Gym records!

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