We provide support for up to 2 Custom Allowance types which can hold the same types of allowance (fixed, accrual or both) entitlements as the default Annual Leave.  In addition we support the concept of non-deducted leave which is appropriate for where the absence requirement is discretionary or unpredictable.

For this article we will walk through setting up a new Leave profile for staff who are provided with a fixed allowance of days to devote to Union Duties, although the concept could cover any similar scenario.

To begin with we need to ensure we have Union Duties set up as an allowed Leave Type which a user with the Admin role can do under Process Config and Leave Types.  Union Duties happens to be one of the default Leave types that can be added, but any Leave type can be manually added or removed.  Clicking into Union Duties allows us to assign an icon to appear in the Leave calendar against Leave requests of that type.  Here we can also specify this is to be deducted leave - requests will decrement the user's Leave entitlement.

Now we can set up a new Leave Profile to set up an allowance for the Union Duties.  A user with the HR role can do this under Leave Admin, in our case we are creating a Leave profile called With Union Duties.

To set up a Custom allowance for Union duties on the Entitlement Settings tab we enable the Custom 1 Allowance checkbox and choose Union Duties as the Leave type to be associated with this allowance.

On the Default Entitlement sub-tab we specify the allowance we are agreeing to provide for Union Duties.  In our example we have chosen one day a month, which is 12 days annually.

Once we have created our new Leave profile we need to switch our target user(s) to it.  A user with the HR role can do this under Organization, then choosing Employees and selecting the target employee.  From the Options drop down on the right side of the screen, select Change Leave Profile.

This brings up a box in which to select the target Leave Profile, in our case we are assigning our Leave Profile called "With Union Duties".  Note the message that existing allowances will not be updated by this change automatically, but we provide a calculator tool to ensure the transfer goes smoothly.  The reason we do this is the change could result in any number of variations to working practices which have consequences for their existing allowance.  Changes to working hours, changing the Leave year start month as well as allowance types could all change what the user should be entitled to.

You are routed automatically to the calculator following confirmation of the change.  This defaults to the change you are making, although you can iterate through teams and Leave Profiles if you are making batches of changes.  The tool shows exactly what changes that are implied by the change you are making, and if you are happy you need to click Save All to update the allowance.

Now when we look at our target user's allowance we can see the allocation of Leave entitlement for Union Duties

So now, when making a new absence request booking, the user selects a Leave type of Union Duties and the Allowance they are deducting from will be updated to be the Custom allowance for Union Duties.  Workflow approval will be the same as defined for all Leave types.