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Controlling Username/Password access when Single Sign On is enabled

Appogee HR allows you to integrate the sign on (login) with either Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.  In this case, instead of a user needing to enter a Username and Password specifically for Appogee HR they would click a button to Sign in with Google or Sign in with Office 365.  In addition, it is possible to configure the system to also allow for sign in with Username and Password in case there is a particular access configuration that requires this.  Appogee HR provides control over whether this is allowed within the System Config area of the service, something available to users with the Admin role.  If you wish to do this, click the checkbox indicated in the screenshot to allow password login for G Suite/Office 365 integrated users.

Note that in a mixed environment, where some users are integrated, and some have been set up for Username/Password login, this setting will only affect those users who are sync'd and allowed to use the Single Sign On buttons.

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