On occasion you will want to delete a user from your implementation of Appogee HR or Appogee Leave.  

Before you go ahead and delete a user you may want to consider taking an Export of their data first, should you need any of this information at a later date.

Follow these steps and all information related to that user will be removed from the application.

Archive the Employee

Only users in an Archived state can be deleted.  Before you can delete an Employee, you will first need to Archive, please see here on how to do this.  Once Archived, you will have the option to delete the Employee.

Select Employee to Delete

Find the Employee you wish to delete under the Archived Employees tab. Then click the option to "Request Deletion" for the specific Employee.

Request Employee Deletion Warning

Once you have requested to delete an Employee, you will be presented with a warning message. The warning allows you to confirm you are wishing to delete the selected Employee. You are also made aware that all HR Managers will be notified of this request to delete. Finally, the system will warn you that you, and the notified users, will have up to 7 days to cancel the deletion request. 

Pending Deletion

Once confirmed, and Employee will enter “Pending Deletion” state for 7 days. During this time, the deletion request can be cancelled by any user with the HR Manager or Admin roles. After 7 days, the employee will be deleted. A history of deleted employees can be found on the “Deleted Employees” tab. An audit of all user actions can be found on the Audit tab.