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Appogee HR: Goals Configuration

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

This feature is available as part of our Appogee HR Success package. If you're interested in upgrading to take advantage of this feature, please get in touch with the Sales team, email or speak to your Customer Success Representative. 

In this article: 

Configuring Goals 

    Creation & Approval

    Goal Visibility


    Auto Lock/Archive

Configuring  Goals

A lot of the permissions and sharing can be managed within each Goal - the author or owner of a Goal has access to manage this. However there are some Organisation wide configuration options to consider. 

Go to Process Config > Goals Configuration. You'll see config is split into 4 sections - Creation & Approval Goal Visibility, Tasks and Auto Lock/Archive.

Creation & Approval

It's possible to determine which user roles can create and approve Goals. 

If a Goal has multiple Required Approvers, they will all need to approve the Goal before it changes status. There needs to be at least one Required approver for each Goal Type - Company, Team & Personal. Additional appovers can optionally be selected when the Goal is being submitted for approval.

Goal Visibility

Goals visibility is set up at the point of creating a Goal and can be changed using the Share button of a Goal. The Goal Visibility section of the Goals Configuration page allows you to determine the Visibility of Goals for non-collaborators. Users with the Goal Manager role will have visibility of all Goals. 


Tasks are associated with Goals and provide additional support for how you are going to achieve your Key Results. They are often short term in nature and can take the form of a to do list. Task progress does not affect Key Result progress. Use this page to establish which Goal Types have the ability to add tasks. You can also set up Task statuses here and enable custom task types. 

Auto Lock/Archive

Goals can be locked, once a Goal is locked you cannot make any changes to it, but it will still be visible on the Goals pages and Dashboard widgets. Goals can also be archived when they are no longer in use. These Goals will no longer be visible in the Goals pages. 

Use this page to set the number of days after the Goals have expired for it to be automatically locked and archived. 

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