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Appogee Goals: Creating Goals

Appogee Goals has currently been released to early adopters, please get in touch if you're interested in finding out more.

Creating a Goal

To create a Goal, click the + New Goal button from anywhere within Appogee Goals. 

You'll be taken to the Create Goal page. 

Enter a name for the Goal, optionally a description, then select the Goal type and the Goal duration. If the Goal is a Team or Personal Goal, you'll be able to select the alignment here too, alignment can also be added later. Alignment can be set as follows: 

  • Company Goals cannot align to anything
  • Team Goals can align to Team or Company Goals 
  • Personal Goals can align to Team Goals
  • Personal Goals cannot align directly with Company Goals

Once you've created your Goal, you will be taken to the Goal page where you can make any changes, add Key Results, share with Collaborators and check the Approval history. If you've set a Team Goal, you'll see this has been automatically shared with the members of that team. 

Adding Key Results

Key Results provide the metrics to measure progress against the Goal.  There are typically 2 to 5 Key Results for each Goal which would indicate when the Goal or a milestone towards a Goal is to be achieved, a target metric against a starting metric representing the change demanded by the Goal or a specific threshold to be reached. 

To add Key Results, click the + Add button in the Key Results widget. Type in a title of your Key Result, a base value, and a target value, select a format from the dropdown, and optionally add a metric which will show in the Key Results widget. Once you're happy with your Key Results, click Save Changes. 

When you're happy with the Goal and Key Results, click the Submit for Approval button in the top right corner. A dialog will appear where you can select your Approver, this list is based on the Goal Config options. When you're happy with your approver(s), click Submit for Approval. The Goal will automatically change status to Pending Approval until the Goal has been approved, when it will change to Not Started. 

Adding Tasks

Optionally, you can add tasks to your Goal. Tasks are associated with Goals which define steps to be taken to achieve a Key Result.  They are often short term and temporary in nature, Tasks are not associated with metrics like Key Results. 

Click the Add button, a dialog will appear. Type the Name, optionally add a Supporting Link, add a Due Date and select the Status Set. Status sets can be configured on the Goals Configuration page. If you need to add more tasks, use the +Add button and follow the same process until all your tasks are filled in and then click Save Changes.  

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