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Adding Attachments to Absence Requests

Why would anyone need to use attachments with an absence request?

File attachments can optionally be added to any type of request in Appogee Leave to provide supporting information for the absence - Leave, Sick and TOIL.  For time off coming from a leave allowance this won't be needed, but in the case, especially of Event Related absences such as Jury Service or Maternity leave there may be additional proof of entitlement to be provided to support the request.  

Where are the attachments stored and how can they be accessed?

Attachments are associated with an absence request and are visible on the attachments tab normally to anyone who has access to the request.  Note that attachments can continue to be added during and after the approval workflow is complete to ensure any on-going absence can continue to be supported.  Attachments for a specific user related to all of their requests are also shown in an attachments tab on the their Leave Overview page for easy reference.

All attachments are stored in the same secure location as all Appogee HR data.  Attachments related to a user's absences are included in any (eg GDPR) user data deletion or download requests made by administrators.

Globally enabling or disabling attachments

A single setting allows administrators to enable or disable the inclusion of attachments via the System Config menu under General Settings.  If attachments are added and then the setting is turned off the attachments tabs referred to above will no longer appear.  If the setting is reverted so it is enabled again, the attachments previously uploaded will be shown once more.

Why you should review security settings

Subject to these settings, users can attach files as supporting information for an absence request.  This can often be useful in the case of Event Related absences where evidence may need to be submitted to support the approval process.  Not all information in attachments should necessarily be available to all users.  We have chosen a set of defaults we believe can be applicable in most cases but you should you review them to ensure they meet your organization's needs.

Where to find these security settings

Attachment security settings are found under Process Config > Leave Security

The default settings provided allow for Users to View, Upload and Download attachments but not to delete them.  If an attachment has been uploaded in error, the request should be cancelled and resubmitted with the correct attachment.  Anyone with the HR Manager or HR Assistant role can (by default) Delete attachments.  IT Managers have no ability to see or change attachments.  Payroll Admin is the same for Leave and TOIL requests but they can View and Download attachments for Sickness absence Requests.  Where (eg) Payroll Admin is set to be able to View a request they would not otherwise be able to view, they will automatically be added as Team Managers (with Reader access) so attachments related to requests for those team members can be located.

Managers will need to have the Editor role to be able to View, Download, Upload and Delete attachments for employees. This can be done in the Team settings - go to Organization > Teams > Managers. 

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