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Hire by Google Integration Step by Step

NOTE:  Google have made the decision to sunset Hire by Google on September 1, 2020

Hire by Google is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which forms the first part of the employee lifecycle.  Once candidates have been sourced, selected, qualified and offered a position in an organization, it is time to add them to our HR Records.   By integrating Hire directly with Appogee HR we make this process seamless.  Note that as Hire requires the use of Google's G Suite, Hire integration is only possible where Google G Suite integration has already been set up.

Setting up integration needs to be done by a user who has admin access to both the domain G Suite account and Appogee HR to be able to grant the necessary permissions.  

Within Appogee HR from the System Config screen under Google Hire there is a simple Connect button.

This will prompt for a grant of OAuth permissions:

And once granted the integration screen will confirm success:

The link to the Employee page takes you to Organization> Employees where a new tab will appear called "Offer Accepted". This is where joiners coming from Google Hire will appear when they reached Offer Accepted or Hired state in Hire.

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