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Appogee Goals: Setting up & editing Teams

Applicable plansLeave HR Essentials HR Success Goals

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In this article: 

Creating a Team

Editing a Team

Deleting a Team

Virtual Teams

A Team is a collection of employees consisting of members and at least 1 primary manager. In most cases a Team will have a Parent Team used to form your org chart.

Employees can see who else is in their Team, and who their Manager is but they will not have access to employee details unless they have the Team Manager or HR Manager role. Team Managers can access information about the members of that team, and any Team below it in the hierarchy.  They cannot setup or configure teams themselves as this is restricted to anyone with the HR Manager role.  

Creating a Team 

There are different ways you can create a team in Appogee Goals, these are: 

  • Organization Dashboard 
  • Teams Dashboard
  • CSV Import

Organization Dashboard: 

One of the ways you can create a team instantly within Appogee Goals is by going to the Organization Dashboard. 

Go to Organization > Teams and click the Create Team button. A dialog will pop up where you will be required to enter the Team Name and optionally select the Primary Manager. 

The team will be created when you click Create Team and this will now show in the list of Teams. Click on the name to confirm some additional configuration. This section is split into 4 parts, the first being Main Details. 

You can change the name of the Team at any time, and optionally add some comments or notes. To create the Org Chart, you can select a Parent Team for each team, this will provide the reporting line in the Org Chart view. If there is no Parent Team (ie, this is the top of the organisation), select No Parent Team. Select an HR Manager for the Team. 

Teams can have more than one Manager, and these can have the role of Reader or Editor. A Reader Manager has the ability to read the information of their team members (Name, Start Date, etc) whereas Editors have the ability to edit this data. The Primary Manager will be represented on the Org Chart for this Team and will be referred to as the manager for each employee in the Team. 

Teams Dashboard: 

Go to Organization > Teams > +Create Team

CSV Import

Additional Teams can be created when users are imported in bulk by using the CSV file, making sure to include the Team names in the correct column. Teams which do not already exist in the system will be created using this feature. Ensure you have the spellings correct, as the system will match character for character. 

For more information on the CSV import guidelines, see the following article: CSV Upload

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Editing a Team

You can edit Teams from the Organization Dashboard or the Team Dashboard. 

In the Organization Dashboard, click the pencil icon next to the team you wish to edit. 

In the Team Dashboard, click on the name of the team you wish to edit.

The Team edit page is split into multiple tabs. Work through the tabs consecutively or you can choose a tab to edit.

Main Details

Name - edit the name of a Team

Comments/Notes - optionally share notes here with other users who have access to this page

Parent Team - this builds the org chart, if the team has no Parent Team, there is an option for (No Parent Team)

HR Manager - select the primary HR Manager for this team


The manager of the Team will show in the org chart and will have access to certain configurations of Appogee Goals. This is dependant on the sharing permissions you set up. You can add multiple managers to the team here. All teams must have a manager. 


You can view employees who belong to the team from this tab. To add users to the Team, you can search them via their email address or their name and click 'Add Member'. 

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Deleting a Team

If you wish to delete a team, you must ensure the following: 

  • All members of the team have been removed, including former members
  • Any Goals associated with the team are moved to another team to own

Once you have done this, you can click Options > Delete Team.    

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Virtual Teams

Appogee Goals also supports the creation of Virtual Teams. This is a concept which allows cross team collaboration, for example for a project team or department. 

You can create a Virtual Team in the same way you would a Team; from the Organization dashboard. 

Follow the same steps above to create the team. Users can only be a member of 1 Virtual Teams. 

You can create Goals for Virtual Teams. 

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