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Appogee Leave: Data Export

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

For in depth reporting within Appogee Leave, it's possible to run a Data Export based on various datasets. This will create a CSV file for you to export and download, so you can look at it in more detail in a spreadsheet programme. 

You can create templates specific to your requirements and save these templates so you can set them up on a schedule.

Creating a template

Go to Reporting > Data Export > Templates.

On the templates tab, click Create template in the top right corner. 

Work through the steps to create your template. 

1. Details - give the template a name and optionally a description.

2. Dataset - choose which data set you require for this export. Once selected, you can switch on and off certain fields which will create columns in the export.

3. Filters - optionally add filters to your export, for example only showing requests in the last 3 months. 

4. Schedule - optionally set the report to run on a monthly or weekly schedule.

Now save your template. 

Exporting the data

You can export data either from a template or using the Quick Export. 

The Quick Export option will allow you to export the data from pre-configured data-sets, while the template option will give you more flexibility. 

To export a report from a template, go to Reporting > Data Export > Templates. 

Choose your template and click Run Export. 

A confirmatory dialog will appear and the report will export. 

To view the export, go to the Downloads tab and click download. 

Your file will download as a CSV which you can open in a spreadsheet tool. 

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