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Appogee Leave: How do I switch on weekends?

Why can't I see the weekends on my calendar? 

Why do my leave requests count weekends as working days? 

How do I see weekends? 

Depending on your configuration, it might be that your weekends have actually been disabled. This may benefit those users who do not work a traditional 5 day week or have complex working hours. However, for most users, having the weekend blocked out is necessary. 

If your Year at a Glance view looks as below, it means your working rota has been disabled, and therefore, so have weekends. 

To turn weekends back on, a user with the HR Manager or Admin role will need to enable the working rota. 

Go to Leave Admin > Leave Profiles. Select the Leave Profile in question and on the main details page, click 'Automatically Calculate Working Hours'. 

This will disable the 'Hours in Working Day' field, however this is because it can be configured on the following tab which has now appeared - Working Rota. 

No navigate to the Working Rota tab to adjust the working hours if necessary. 

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