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Using the Leave Management Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

The Appogee HR Leave Management Add-in for Outlook allows you to approve or reject requests and view leave allowances directly from within your Outlook client. 


If you are using Microsoft Outlook on the web using a Safari browser you will need to uncheck the setting "Prevent cross-site tracking" for the Add-in to work successfully.    

Older versions of Outlook Desktop clients will have reduced functionality. Full functionality is available in Outlook 2019.

Installing the Add-in as a user

For installing the add-in as an admin for the entire domain, take a look at the following article: Office 365: Installing the Outlook Add-in

Step 1 - Install the Add-in

From any email, click the 3 dots on the far right and then Get Add-ins. 

Click My Add-ins, then Add a custom add in and select from URL. 

Paste the following link into the box:

Step 2 - Pin the add-in to make it easy to access

Click the settings cog in the top bar. 

Select View All Outlook Settings, which will bring up a dialog. 

Choose Email, then Customise Actions, find the Message Surface section and tick the box next to Appogee Leave.  This will enable the Appogee Leave icon in the email Actions menu near the Reply icon.

Handling Approvals

From any email, you can now open the Add-in by clicking the icon. 

A panel will appear on the right hand side. If you are not logged into Appogee HR already, you will need to do so first. 

If you are looking at an Approval email from Appogee HR, the panel will show the approval you are currently looking at. If you're looking at the Add-in from an unrelated email, it will show you a menu.


Other options within the Add-in

Once the information panel is open within the Outlook message, additional menu options are available at the top of the add-in pane to allow you to review your personal leave allowance - shown in the screen below, a list of leave requests you have made, and any other requests awaiting your approval.

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