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Appogee HR: Currency Field Migration Tool

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success Goals

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

What is the tool?

We recently implemented a new currency field type and as such, the old fields will be deprecated on 30th June 2020. Currently all currency fields use a text format, however moving forward these will be numbers. We will be removing the old text fields and replacing them with the currency format. For some employee data we were able to identify the value and migrate automatically for you, however there are some which need to be manually checked. To ensure these are correct, we have written a tool for your ease.  This will identify any fields we could not automatically transfer and allow you to check before migrating. 

Why have we done this?

Adding number and currency field types will allow you to create more meaningful and insightful reports. With the previous field types being formatted as text fields, the filtering on these reports was limited. Now, you can create reports with more in depth filtering, such as a salary report showing you employees who earn more than a certain amount, or employees whose bonus is less than a specified number for example. 

Using the tool

You can access the tool by clicking the banner across the top of your screen, or by going to

The first step is to identify your default currency. Currency can be overridden on the field level, so do not worry if you operate with multiple currencies, you can do this in the next step. Select your currency from the dropdown. 

Once you've selected your default currency, click Proceed. 

You will be taken to the first employee with changes that need to be reviewed. 

Check the data is correct by comparing the deprecating field with the new field, and reviewing the selected currency. The new field is highlighted in yellow. 

You can change the currency by clicking the drop down button. 

Once you're happy with the changes, click Accept and Next Employee. 

Repeat this process for all employees and you will receive a confirmation message once complete.

Both fields will still be visible until we switch off the old fields on 30th June 2020. You will be able to report on both field types until this date. All pre-built reports will be updated so the new field will be included for you. 

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