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Time: Today Page

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

The Today page in Time will give you an overview of Today's information - including the ability to clock in & out, start and stop activity timing as well as confirm your working location for today and the upcoming week. 

Access to these features can be controlled by team, so the elements of the today page may be different per user. 

Time Tracking

You can start tracking time using the three buttons on the top left of the home page. 

To clock-in at the beginning of the day, click the green start button. This will start the timer for the day and be audited below in the 'Your Day Details' section.

To take a break, click the orange break button. This will pause the clock and audit a break below. 

To resume work after taking a break, click the green continue button, this will re-start the timer and add a comment on the audit below. 

To finish for the day, click the red stop button. This will close off the day and after clicking, you will no longer be able to record time. 

Activity Tracking

If you do not have clock in/out switched on but are required to track activities, you'll be able to do this from the Today page. 

Select the activity or project that you are working on - the 3 most used activities show to you, or you can use the search function to find a different one. 

You can switch between projects by clicking on different ones, or if you have a period of time where you're not working on anything in particular, you can click N/A. 


All activities will be audited on the 'Your Day Details' below. 

For more information on the Activity Tracking section, take a look at the following articles: Activities Config & Activities Report

Location Recording / Track & Trace

You can set up a default routine of where you normally work from on each day and this will populate in your location view. 

Each day & location can then be confirmed from the today page or changed ad-hoc. 

This allows you to have a confirmation of your current and future working locations. It also feeds to the wider company so that location management and capacity planning can be monitored. 

For more information on the Location Recording section, take a look at the following articles: Location Report, Location Recording and Location Config. 

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