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Time: Activities Report

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

If you have activities switched on within a team or all teams, Team Managers and HR Managers have access to the Activities Report.

Employees can also view a breakdown of their own activities in the Employee Activity page. 

Employee Activity

Employees (and their managers) can view the Employee Activity page, which will show the breakdown of time spent on each activity, with the default view being this week. 


The Activities Report will show you a breakdown of time spent on each activity, automatically filtered to the current week and in time order. 

You can change the data by either selecting a pre-configured date range, or selecting a custom start and end date. 

Each activity can be broken down further by clicking the plus icon, this will show you a breakdown of activity by team and individual. 


You're able to export the data from the Activities report by clicking CSV Export in the top right corner. 

This will create a CSV version of the data represented on the screen, based on the date range selected. 

Change the date range to export a different version of the report. 

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