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Time: Activities Config

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

If you have activities switched on within a team or all teams, Team Managers and HR Managers have access to the Activities Config.


The Activity Config page is where you can set up the different activities, projects and customers you'd like to track within the system. 

Use the New Activity button in the top right corner to create a new activity. 

A dialog will appear for you to configure various aspects. On the first tab, you can choose what type of activity it is, give it a name and a colour and any additional information. All these details will be visible to employees.

On the next page, you can configure who has access to track time against this activity using the drop down. You can configure more than one team, or all teams here. 

Finally, you can add any internal information, which will be only visible to those with configuration abilities. 

Once created, you'll see the activity in the config page and employees can start tracking time for it. 

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