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Leave Cancellation/Amendments

When an employee cancels or changes their leave, the employee and approver get an email notification which is great. However, it would be really helpful if we were able to nominate extra persons to receive notifications as well, eg our payroll officer for their records as well. 

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  • Following on from this topic, it appears Xero does not automatically update when leave is amended or cancelled in Appogee, meaning we have to notify our payroll staff and they must then manually make the changes at their end.  This is a little puzzling to me as there is no way of notifying Xero users (through email notifications or automatic updates) of leave changes.  It would be extremely helpful if at least one of these options could be implemented. 

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  • Thanks for your suggestion Sarah. 

    It's possible to set up additional people to be notified of changes in the Team Settings. 

    Go to Organization > Teams > Select Team > Leave Settings/Sickness Settings > Email Notifications. In the box you can enter the email addresses of people you would like to notify. 


    Appogee HR

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