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May 2022

Releases in May

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Updated Team Members page so they are sorted alphabetically
  • Improved Public Holiday functionality to prevent duplicates from being imported
  • Fixed an issue which was allowing you to add notifications for certain roles, even if they didn't have access to relevant parts of the application 
  • Added Time minimum increments to the Today page
  • Added enforcement option for Time minimum increments
  • Updated the Performance Review email subjects to include the Review Type
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing you from adding employees to the Exclude list on Review Cycles
  • Removed the ability to sync custom Gender with Xero (Xero limitation)
  • Fixed an issue which was sending the Onboarding welcome message multiple times
  • Added a nudge button to the Assigned Checklists page
  • Added email notifications to requestors if their request is changed by someone else
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