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Appogee Leave: Team Manager and HR Manager Guide

This feature can only be accessed by Team Managers & HR Managers



Your Dashboard provides you with all a summary of the information you are most likely to need.  It is split into 3 sections, My Actions which contains things you need to deal with, My Teams which provides information about the staff in your team(s) and My Summary which shows your personal content in Appogee Leave.  The left hand menu provides short cut links to the more detailed information that drives the summary on your dashboard.

At the top of the dashboard is the Employee ribbon.  This defaults to your details including a profile picture for you.  If you click on it you can upload a new image which should be 150*150 pixels.  As part of this ribbon there is a team switcher dropdown:

and an Employee Switcher which allow you to select a member of your team to drill into detail about.  If you have access to multiple teams you can use the team switcher to change who you see when clicking into the employee switcher box, or you can search for an employee across all employees whose details you are entitled to see.  In this instance, Melissa manages Evelyn.  If she clicks on Evelyn she will see the Employee ribbon update with Evelyn's data and the main content area will show Evelyn's Leave Overview.



The allowances section can be found under Management > Allowances, as the manager you can view your employees allowances to see their Total, Taken, Pending and Remaining allowances as well as viewing the employee's Year at a Glance (YAAG)

Request History

The request history can be found in Management > Request History. This provides you with an audit of all the requests a team or an employee submitted in all states i.e Pending, approved, rejected and cancelled.  You can use Backfill to add in pre-approved absences which bypass the approval workflow, and this can work for requests both in the past and the future.  This can be helpful when transferring a user into Appogee Leave from another system part way through a leave year.

To edit a request under the same Request History section, click on employee's name to open their request.

When the request dialogue opens, click the Edit Request button.

The request can be edited as necessary. The status can be changed to cancelled, rejected or approved, also the request dates can be changed. 

Team Calendar

Team Calendar to see a calendar view of teams you manage. 

You can switch between your teams (if appropriate) using the team selector dropdown or switch to a calendar view where that is preferable.  You can also navigate between months to easily see prior or upcoming absences.


Appogee Leave provides flexible reporting using a report builder that allows you to choose from a standard set of sample reports which you can customize and save for your re-use.  There are 3 control tabs to the right of the chart which provide the menu of sample reports and chart types, the selected data set, and (as in this screen) the filters on the data to be presented.  If you are in any doubt about what data you want to present it can be a good idea to start by setting a display of Tabular Data until you are happy with the data set you have before switching to a different chart type.  

Data Export

Data Export allows you to download absence data from the system, filtered according to Team, Request Type and Date Range as you wish.  Once defined, the report is built as a CSV by the system and then a download link is made available on the downloads page once ready for collection.

For further information on managing the leave components as an HR Manager, please see here.

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