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Appogee Leave: Team Manager and HR Manager Guide

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Basic Navigation

Leave features



HR Manager Features

Access Appogee Leave by going to There are three ways to log in - Email address and Password, G Suite Log in or Office 365 Log in. Your details will be in your welcome email, or alternatively contact your Administrator.

Basic Navigation

Once you're logged in, you'll be presented with the Dashboard, this is split into 3 sections - My Actions, My Teams and My Summary. Your actions is a list of the Leave Requests you have pending, your Teams provides you information about the employees in your team(s) and your Summary shows your personal content shown in the Year at a Glance feature. Getting around Appogee Leave can be done using the navigation bar on the left. The top section shows your Directory, and the section below that is your Leave, along with Management tools and Reporting. 


At the top of the dashboard is the Employee ribbon, which shows your basic information - your Line Manager, HR Manager, and the Employee Switcher in the top right corner. This is a management feature which allows you to easily switch between employees' profiles. 

Employee Swticher

Getting around Appogee leave can be done using the Navigation bar on the left. The top section is Company Information and below that is your Leave information. For the purposes of this guide, Olivia is a Team Manager and an HR Manager so has additional access in her left menu to configuration and organisation settings. 


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Leave features

The following features are available for Team Managers or HR Managers only. The Appogee Leave Employee Guide has everything you need to know about the Leave Features for Employees. 


Any pending approvals will be shown in the Approvals section. From here you can Approve or Reject, or open the request for further details. 

Request History

You can view an overview of all your employee's previous requests. If you're an HR Manager, you'll be able to switch access between the teams. You are also able to look at historic Leave Requests by filtering on the Date Range. In addition to this, you can also filter on the status of the Leave Requests. You'll also notice, there's an option to Backfill requests. More on this below. 

Team Allowances

As the Team Manager you can view your employees' allowances to see their Total, Taken, Pending and Remaining allowances as well as their sickness, an HR manager would be able to switch between the teams as well. 

Team Calendar

See an overview of your teams' Leave by looking at the Team Calendar. You can filter on the month or the Team. 

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It is possible to record Leave on behalf of other employees using the Backfill feature - requests are entered and stored without following a workflow and is useful when setting up the system. It's also possible to book future requests on behalf of others. You can submit Backfill either from the requests tab, or if you go to Leave Admin > Backfill.

For more on Backfill, take a look at this guide

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Go to Reporting > Leave Report Builder. 

Here you can access a standard set of sample reports, which you can customise and then save for re-use. There are 3 control tabs to the right of the chart which provide the menu of sample reports and chart types, the selected data set, and the filters on the data to be presented.  

Go to Reporting > Data Export.

Data Export allows you to download absence data from the system, filtered according to Team, Request Type and Date Range as you wish.  Once defined, the report is built as a CSV by the system and then a download link is made available on the downloads page once ready. A history of your Data Exports will be saved in the Downloads tab. 

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HR Manager features

As HR Manager, you get access to the Organization, Roles & Access and Leave Admin sections of Appogee Leave. 

Organization is where you manager your employees, Teams and Virtual Teams. For more info on Teams, check out our article here

In Roles & Access you can grant additional roles to employees. Find out the available user roles by looking at our FAQ here

Leave Admin is where you control your Leave Profiles, Employees' Allowances and you can also perform Backfill requests. We've put together a Leave Allowanes guide here to help you. 

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