Here are the key setup stages to get you going with Appogee HR. These have been split into 4 keys stages with additional configuration at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Configuration

Please note that only users with the Admin role have access to these configuration options.

  • Employee Profile Configuration

Take a look through your current Employee Profile Categories & Fields to ensure you have the fields and security you require. It is important to do this as a first step, especially if you go on to add Employees and Field information using the CSV import as the CSV reflects your configuration.

Take a look at our help article on Categories and Field Configuration for more information. You may also find it useful to look at how to Re-organise your Profile structure.

  • Company Document Types

You are able to configure the Company Document Types into what suits your business. You can add as many as you need set access rights against each.

We have more information here on Company Document Types.

  • Leave & Sickness Types

To keep track of what types of Leave and Sickness your Employee's take, you may like to configure your own list. 

Please take a look at the following help article: Configuring Leave & Sickness Types

  • Public Holidays

There are a series of default Public Holidays you can select from, edit or create your own.

You can find out how to do this by taking a look at Managing Public Holidays

Step 2: Teams

Please note that only HR Managers & Admins have access to add and update Teams.

  • Setting up Teams    


Setting up Teams is the next logical step in setting up Appogee HR. Team structure builds your Org Chart, as well as enables leave approval flows and general Team management. Every Employee must belong to a Team, however they can manage a Team and be part of a different Team themselves.

Take a look at Creating & Editing Teams for more information. 

Step 3: Leave Profiles

Please note that only HR Managers & Admins have access to add and update Leave Profiles.

  • Leave Profiles

The Leave Profile defines the working hours and allowances for a group of Employees. Every Employee must belong to a Leave Profile, you may only need one for your organisation or you may need multiple to cater for all eventualities.

Please review our guide on Creating & Editing Leave Profiles

Step 4: Add Employees

Please note that Employees can be added by HR Managers & Admins only.

There are 4 possibles ways to add Employees to Appogee HR. Manual Registration, CSV Import or by one of our integrations with G Suite or Office 365. All of these give you the option to get your Employees into Teams, assigned to Leave Profiles and have optional access to Appogee HR and Appogee Leave. The CSV also gives you the ability to bulk add Employee Profile information.

  • Manual Registration

The manual registration allows you to add Employees using a simple form to add individuals to Divisions (if configured) Teams and Leave Profiles. You can also set the Employees Job Title, Start Date and Status. You would want to use this option if you only have a handful of Employees to add and do not want to upload HR Profile data at the same time.

You can see more information on this here: Manual Employee Registration

  • G Suite / Office 365 Import

If you are integrated with either G Suite or Office 365 you will have the option to import users from your domain straight into Appogee HR. The wizard will take you through selecting Employees, Assigning Teams, Setting Leave Profiles and Configuring the Log in. Use this option for adding Employees if you are integrated, this will not allow you to update Employee Profile information at the same time as adding users.

If you use G Suite or Office 365 and are not yet integrated, there is information on setting this up at the bottom of this page.

You can find further information on this here: Importing Employees from G Suite / Office 365

  • CSV Import

The CSV import enables you to add Employees to Appogee HR in bulk. Use this option if you have a lot of Employees to add at once, or if you are wanting to add Employee Profile Data at the same time. The CSV can be used to add Employees or make updates to Employees or Profile information at a later date.

There is further information on the CSV import in this guide: CSV Upload Guide

Additional Set Up Options

  • Integration

            G Suite 

By integrating with G Suite you will benefit from Single Sign On for your users (no need for a username and password), the ability to register Employees directly from your domain, integration with your Google Calendar, the ability to set Out of Office messages at the time of making a request and the the option to have Appogee HR accessible from your G Suite Menu.

You can find out how to get integrated with G Suite here: G Suite Integration

Office 365 

By integrating with Office 365 you will benefit from Single Sign On for your users (no need for a username and password), the ability to register Employees directly from your domain, integration with your Outlook Calendar and the the option to have Appogee HR accessible from your Outlook Menu.

You can find out how to get integrated with Office 365 here: Office 365 Integration

Xero Payroll

The option to integrate with Xero is available if you are using the Australian, New Zealand or US versions of Xero Payroll (UK, coming soon). The integration allows you to sync basic Employee Profile information between Xero and Appogee HR as well as updating Leave and Sickness requests and allowances.

            Information on how to integrate, can be found here: Xero Integration

  • Checklists

            Appogee HR has Checklist functionality to enable you to set up clear actions to take to complete key processes across your business. You can also use these to set up workflow automation for Joiners and Leavers Checklists.

            If you would like to see more information on how Checklists work and how to configure these, please take a look at our Checklist Guide.

  • Reporting

Appogee HR has reporting for both Employee Profile information and Leave reporting. The HR Reports match your Employee Profile configuration, allowing you to report on exactly what you choose to keep in Appogee HR. The Leave Reports allow you look into all types of absence across the Company, by Team or Individual. You can view these in a series of tables, charts or exports.

We have a guide for HR Reporting and an additional guide on Leave Reports.

  • Notifications

Appogee HR Notifications allow you to stay in control of all dates your store within Employee Profiles, Employee Records or Company Documents. Set Noficiations so you always know when the next Performance Review is, when a Record needs reviewing or when an Employee is reaching their employment anniversary.

This Notifications Guide will take you through how to configure date Notifications across Appogee HR.