Xero Accounting's Payroll module can be integrated with Appogee Leave (Appogee HR integrates in exactly the same way) using the Xero Payroll API.  Note that this is available in the US New Zealand and Australia.  It is expected to be available in the UK in the near future.  Integration with Xero commences with an Appogee Leave user with the Admin role choosing System Config from the main menu ,and then Xero.

Once you click Connect to Xero you will be invited to sign in to your Xero account:

and once signed in you can begin the integration process by granting permission for Appogee HR to exchange information with Xero.

If the version of Xero you are currently using doesn't currently integrate with Appogee Leave you will see a message similar to the above.   Xero do provide an option for you to switch to a Demo company in another country should you wish to see how the integration can proceed.   When you are working with Xero in a supported country you need to activate the Payroll API.  Visiting the Payroll area of Xero for the first time will enable it.

Once the authorization step is complete you will move on to field configuration which defines which Appogee Leave fields integrate with which Xero fields.  Where there are multiple choices on the Appogee Leave side you will see a drop down to choose between if the default is not what you want.  In most cases the default setup will be a bi-directional sync between the systems, with the Sync type then represented pictorially on the right.  In some cases (like email) we default sync to off, and in other cases, (if you are using Appogee HR) fields such as bank details maybe best updated from Appogee HR to Xero where users have self service enabled for them to update this information.

Once the field sync is defined you can move on to mapping the leave types from Appogee Leave with the available leave types in Xero.  After you have done this the system will attempt to match users in Appogee Leave with users in Xero.  If both systems already have the same set of users you will see more success than in the screen below.  But if you do see mismatches such as seen here, just click the button to make the connection manually, or even create the user(s) from Appogee Leave in Xero.

Once the employee sync is enabled you will see green ticks for Status on the Employee mappings screen and you will see a confirmation message that integration has been achieved.

Options settings are then available on the Employee Sync tab to control sync behaviour in the case of issues arising with the Sync process.

As well as on the Request Sync tab for when absence requests should be passed over to Xero.  Your payroll configuration may determine which setting is best for you.

You may want to try a test sync request by creating a request (eg via Backfill) in Appogee Leave, and using Manual Sync with the time period covering the date of the absence request.  This should result in you seeing confirmation within Appogee Leave that a request was successsfully completed.

And this request should then be visible on the employee's Payroll record on the Leave tab showing for the correct Leave type with a status of Approved.