We try to provide comprehensive information in this support centre to assist with questions you may have in using Appogee Leave or Appogee HR.  Where you cannot find what you are looking for, or where you need to report a problem to us we would ask you to follow these guidelines to determine the priority to assign to your query:


This should be used only for issues where the service is unusable or where you are prevented from accomplishing a mission critical task.


This should be used for any case where normal operation of the service is disrupted (and rendered unusable) for multiple users.


This should be used where part of the service is unusable for multiple users or all of the service cannot be used for one or a small number of users.


Use this classification for any query which is non-critical where there is a minor inconvenience which can be overcome without undue difficulty, or where general feedback is being provided such as for a feature request.

Setting the priority of your query on submission will help ensure Appogee HR can respond to queries received in the most appropriate manner.